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Give Hugs and Tech Bugs was sparked by Brittney's close relationship with her grandmother. Brittney loves spending time with her grandmother and her friends so naturally, she made friends with her grandma's pals. In doing so she found that they were interested in technology but did not understand it. They wanted to be on social media platforms but were not sure how to set up a profile. I would often as the youngest in the group help them set up their profile or learn how to work Facetime. It gave me great joy but also helped them connect with their loved ones near and far. Brittney began helping other senior friends and has given her volunteer activity a name. Hugs are proven to make you healthy and happier so why not give those out while you're helping someone learn something new. Dealing with things you are unfamiliar with can be scary so I try to make technology seem fun and more as a tool for staying connected with loved ones.